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L'Emoi Photographique, organized by a team of volunteers, is a photography festival that takes place in Angoulême in Charente. He gives a place of honor to so-called author photography with a predilection for narrative work.

The Emoi Photographique festival is managed on a voluntary basis but by professionals. It wants to be a showcase for photography based on the coherence of long-term work, for offbeat photography, European, African but also from other continents, for militant and militant photography for a certain art of living together, poetic or not.

17 exhibitions, 8 locations: Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Hôtel du Département, Espace Franquin, Hôtel St Simon, Musée d'Angoulême, Hôtel du Palais, Place Louvel, rue Hergé.

An 11th edition on the theme “And tomorrow? »

From April 6 to May 12, 2024.

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