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L'Emoi Photographique, organized by a team of volunteers, is a photography festival that takes place in Angoulême in Charente. He gives a place of honor to so-called author photography with a predilection for narrative work.

The 2022 edition of the festival will cover the theme "Shadow and light". A subject that could ooze the opposition as we say Black and White, forgetting the grays. The choice of this theme for the ninth edition of the "L'Emoi Photographique" festival aims to awaken energies, to scramble the cards to arouse curiosity and initiate conversation. For this, the festival has selected 18 photographers.

The Emoi Photographique festival is managed on a voluntary basis but by professionals. It wants to be a showcase for photography based on the coherence of long-term work, for offbeat photography, European, African but also from other continents, for militant and militant photography for a certain art of living together, poetic or not.

DATES of the next edition:

April/May 2023.

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